Announcement of domestically produced nutritional products for children up to 36 months

1. Publication issuing authority

  • Provincial Food Safety Committee

2. Product object

  • Medical nutritional food (can be eaten by mouth or nebulizer, adjust the patient’s diet)
  • Nutritional products for babies up to 36 months old (formula milk, solid food powder, weaning cakes,…)

3. Customer profile to provide

  • Certificate of qualified establishments for Food Safety
  • Product testing sheet for 12 months (if PKN is not available, provide sample LYT Việt Nam will perform testing according to regulations)
  • Scientific documentation to prove product use (NMT can support documentation, if any)
  • Sample / product label LYT Việt Nam advises on the content of labeling according to regulations)
  • Business license of the publisher

4. Work done by LYT Việt Nam

  • Consulting customers on testing criteria & Publication related matters & post-check
  • Bring samples for testing at testing centers designated by state agencies
  • Drafting documents according to regulations, calculating response level (RNI), writing use, finding documents proving the use, writing mechanism of action
  • Submit the application at the competent agency designated by the Provincial Committee
  • Follow up on profile status updates & receive the receipt of announcement, service termination

5. Implementation time

  • Testing time: 7-10 days from the date of sending the sample
  • Time to be announced: 10-15 days from the date of application

6. Fees and charges

  • Fees: 1,500,000 VND / product.
  • Testing fee: depends on product ingredients.
  • Service fee: CONTACT

7. Publication Effect

  • Unlimited

8. Legal grounds

  • Law 55/2010/QH12
  • Circular 279/2016/TT-BTC
  • Decree 15/2018/ND-CP
  • Circular 43/2014/TT-BYT
  • Decree 43/2017/ND-CP